Guided Ground-Training and Student Pilot Accelerator

Guided Ground-Training and Student Pilot Accelerator

Cranberry Aviation can prime the aviation education process by guiding prospective student pilots through initial stages of training in pursuit of their pilot’s certificate. This set of services is designed for the student that wants to aggressively move forward in training before getting into the cockpit of an airplane.  Since winters months in western Pennsylvania have a larger percentage of marginal flying days due to lake-affect weather, this training keeps students engages in the pursuit of their pilot’s certificate. 

When ideal flying weather returns, pilots can move quickly through flight lessons since they have already completed required ground sessions. 

Guided Ground Training and Student Pilot Accelerator includes:

  • Assistance in establishing a MedExpress account/scheduling a Federal Aviation Medical Exam. *
  • Assistance in establishing an Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application account and applying for a Student Pilot Certificate (minimum age requirement of 16 years old).
  • Assistance in selecting an all-in-one pilot training program (Part 61 or 141). *
  • Follow-up sessions to review learning module material.
  • Assistance in scheduling the Federal Aviation Administration Knowledge Test for the pilot certificate sought. *

* Fees for these items are not included in this service.