Aviation Education Pathways

Choosing a flight school is a daunting task.  Many prospective pilots fixate on just one or two aspects of a school prior to making their final decision on which school to attend.  Aviation pathway consulting allows a perspective student and potentially their parents to explore multiple factors involved with making this informed choice. 

Guided Ground-Training and Student Pilot Accelerator

Cranberry Aviation can prime the aviation education process by guiding prospective student pilots through initial stages of ground training, achieving medical prerequisites, and then receiving their Federal Aviation Administration Student Pilot Certificate.


Drone Training

We provide one-on-one training on essential education aspects of operating a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) for a living and achieving a Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Operators License (14 CFR Part 107). 

Aircraft Services
Aircraft Services

For the pilot that is on the move, Cranberry Aviation offers Aircraft Upkeep and Relocation Services. If you spend the cold Pittsburgh winter in the sunny south, choose Cranberry Aviation to keep your airplane ready for your next flight.  

Flight Training

Cranberry Aviation provides affordable flight instruction. Regardless of seeking a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate, Flight Review, or Tail Wheel Endorsement, let Cranberry Aviation assist you in achieving your next goal.